Worked with Island Displays and another illustrator to create Mobile Mural for Ocean Pointe Resort during The TerrifVic Jazz Festival

Birdhouse Series: Documenting Birdhouses on Poles in The Pacific Northwest, exhibited at The CACGV. interviewed on CH TV news, CKMO, Preview Magazine, Oak Bay News

Northern Experience Series: Based on Andy's Yukon adventures in 2010. placed in Art Galleries in Victoria and Cowichan Bay. This series has symbols and patterns that tie in with environment and conditions in 'The North'.

Background of Art and Andy


Andy worked with Island Displays on mobile murals for TerrifVic Jazz Festival in 1993 and began his passion for creating site specific art and artwork based on observation and documentation. Andy then joined four artists in the studios of 'The Duck Building' on Broad Street' in Victoria B.C. and set out to create a 'Studio' series based on the exploration of the artists studios in the upper parts of this heritage building, 'The Duck Building' in Victoria.


Andy created drawings and sgraffito sculptural works emblematic of the temples in Java, (called Candi's) in, Central Indonesia. This series was displayed at The Exchanges art centre in Victoria BC - Andy was interviewed by CFUV on the Friday Arts Show - 1997 exposing artists work to radio listeners across British Columbia describing these temples of hope for the residents of this mountainous area.


Andy explored and documented the alleyways in Oak Bay and found the many different types of birdhouses displayed triggered a 'Canadiana response' and focused on our heritage as a shout out to our collective conscience. A review of Andy's previous series can be seen here by clicking on this link - - Preview Magazine 


Andy stayed in a wilderness cabin on the edge of the Yukon Territories to explore weather, and varying conditions that setup adverse environments and heroic responses to those conditions. 


A good example are the Woodland Caribou of the Selkirk Region which borders Southern British Columbia and Northern Washington State are of large importance to activists and snowmobilers alike in this wilderness area. There are many flash zones in our northern hemisphere that put animals and mammals at risk of losing their habitat and this is part of his response to that in this series of paintings and drawings.








Explanation of New Series by Andy Gifford: Yukon Series | 2010 - 2014



These art works have provided Andy with much inspiration and excitement.
Andy has loosely connected his thoughts, as he travelled from the land to the animals in his mind, and within the physical geography of his travels. 


This series is based on his visit to Yukon in 2010, this series, Canadian Yukon Art's images are based on his stay in a rustic cabin in the woods and various trips around the area, including Whitehorse.


Andy came to the conclusion that animals, and other mammals face environmental obstacles and that the communication they expressed was what interested him. With more and more extreme weather events - humans are also facing these adverse conditions and so we have more than hunting in common, we have survival. In explaining to an interested art collector at the annual Moss Street Paint in he was quotes as saying "This is what I have tried to capture in his art - the way the different species use different methods and body language to respond to adverse conditions." 


Some of the elements in the pictorial language, such as the three circles have to do with the optics in the northern hemisphere and how they appear, either through illusion, or for a short period of time during the day that expresses an other worldly effect.


Recycled materials create ridges to add an unknown element that can create unusual effects such as furrows in drapery or wet blotches on the wall that appear as images. 


Driving snow, rain and storm-like conditions create a feeling of adversity but are part of the every day experience in Canada's north these pictures portray his interpretation of the extreme weather conditions not only in the north but elsewhere today. While painting these works this same feeling has been a part of his inner landscape and the Canadian landscape for generations.

16" x 20" Oli on Panel

'bathing woman'

Broad Street Studio Series

Collection Munich Germany

Candi Cinta - Indonesia

animism temple - Most Erotic Temple in Indonesia

Door/Gateway 24" x 48" 

Oil on Panel

Rafflessia Aarnoldii 

Oil Painting on Canvas
36" x 48" Collection - Germany 'World Series' 96